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Somewhere Between Heaven & Hell: Reading this book could be a sin

Covering a period of nine years, and by turns funny, heart wrenching and perceptive, Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell is an amazingly detailed story of growing up in California as the children of a Mexican family. In alternating chapters, twin brothers Armando and Fernando document their early years of Catholic school, and in so doing paint a vivid portrait of both their family and the reality of 1950’s west–coast America. By showing us their life from two perspectives, we come to know not only a home that was a brew of California pop culture and the chaotic festive Mexican culture of music, food, laughter and language, but also to understand, and perhaps even savor, the clash with the authoritarian discipline of a group of introspective Anglo–Saxon religious women.

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The Trip — Speeding toward the cliff at the end of the world

This story is based on a cross–country motorcycle trip the author made in the summer of 1968 with his older brother and two friends. The principal characters of The Trip, Tino, Sal, Gary, and Patrick, are based on the four young men who made the trip. Tim (Patrick), Gerry (Gary), Tony (Sal), and Armando (Tino). The novel is a mix of fact and fiction. For example, The Trip’s route is factual, while some of the events in the story were created by the author.

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In this collection of poems and stories, Armando García-Dávila shows us why he is one of Sonoma County’s best writers as he celebrates his Mexican heritage and grieves his church. García-Dávila writes of his book, “What follows in this book are some revelations of my life and soul through a few poems and short stories. I have no pretensions to seek your understanding or forgiveness. I only hope you enjoy the pathos, sense of seeking, and humor in my work. The Catholic Church and our family’s Mexican roots and modest means provided the foundation of my young years. I remain indebted to my parents, older brother, twin brother, and four sisters for the core of my being. Without them, I would be but a shadow. However, the church confused me early in life as I came to realize the fallibility of the institution. My intention in writing about it is not to offend but to simply offer its effects on me as an innocent and malleable child.”

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At the Edge of the River

At the Edge of the River (Al Lado del Rio) is a mixed collection of prose and poetry printed by Running Wolf Press. This book is printed in Spanish and English. Click here for information on where to find this book.

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Out of my Heart

In Out Of My Heart (De Mi Corazon) Topics wander from philosophical musings to lamentations, verses to the seasons, and even anger with The Almighty. First published by Thumbprint Press in October 1999, the third edition was released December 2002. The book is printed in Spanish and English. Click here for information on where to find this book.

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El Gran Viento

Armando's latest CD is an English translation of his popular "El Gran Viento" CD, which follows the experiences of Mexican people who crossed the border into the United States, legally or sneaking across.


In 2002 Armando released his first CD: YES! Thirteen tracks of his love poetry set to the music played by jazz saxophonist Michael Bolivar. All in English, each track is read by the poet together with a host of others. Their voices and moods reflect each piece. Click here for information on where to find this CD.