Background of The Trip

“Background of writing The Trip.”

The Trip started as a part of my memoir that I began writing around 2005. My wife, Kathy, read an early edit of the story of the motorcycle trip that I took in late summer of 1968 – just after high school graduation.
“Armando,” she said. “Everyone dreams of taking a long trip with no agenda other than seeing the world and having adventures. You not only lived that dream, but you did it on a motorcycle! The story needs to be more complete.”
“Okay,” I said, “so what would make it a more complete story?”
“At the very least there needs to be a love interest, and a confrontation between males.”
I have to admit that, that was when the story really started to develop into so much more than a description: this happened, and then this happened, and then... Boring. The memoir soon evolved into a novel based on actual events. It was also at this point that it became fun to write.
I took experiences that I had had out of the story and put them in as if they had happened on the trip. Other scenes and events I embellished or simply created. Kathy’s suggestion set me free, allowing my imagination to run, to see what I could come up with. I thank my sweetheart for her advice.

The Characters

Gerry (Gary)
smoking a cigar — on the road

Armando (Tino)
at Nathan’s —Coney Island, New York

Tony (Sal)
at Capitol Building —Washington D.C.

Tim (Tim)
smoking a cigar — on the road


Tony (as Father Caballero) and Father Paul Gill celebrating mass at Gill’s residence —Manchester, New Hampshire

Tony sitting on a petrified tree trunk at the Petrified Forest —Arizona

Left to right — Armando, Tim Condon (Patrick), and Gerry

Grand Canyon — Arizona

Pueblo Cliff Dwellings — Colorado

Armando eating stolen corn and melon —Iowa

Armando —Niagara Falls

Armando searching out his great grandfather’s name on the monument to the Civil War dead —Bath, Maine

Monument to Jim Bowie, Bowie —Texas

Gerry with a watermelon strapped to his chest, Bowie —Texas

Gallows in a ghost town —Arizona

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